Well, I never thought…

This time last year we were looking forward to finding somewhere to move to in Cambridge as Pete was going to finish his PhD and start a post doctoral research post with his PhD supervisor.  Things seemed even more confirmed in late January when a family from church said the cottage they owned next to their house just west of Cambridge had unexpectedly become vacant. Would we like it, for reduced rent, for as long as we wanted? It is an amazing cottage with enormous amounts of outside space for the boys to have adventures and people in a hugely generous fashion gave us their old furniture. We moved in at the beginning of April ready to live here for the next four years.

The last weekend in April we travelled to Munich for the wedding of Alexandra, our dear old lodger from one summer at Tyndale. Sat in her sisters kitchen 2 days later, while all of Germany and the U.K. enjoyed the May Day public holiday, Pete got an email from the university of Cambridge saying they had decided to give someone else the post doc.

Over the following few weeks we went through all sorts of emotions. Finally in August, came the peace of realising once again that our Heavenly Father hasn’t abandoned us and does of course still have a plan. He hasn’t taken us down this crazy path these past 13 years of highs and lows in all aspects of life. living off grants, the generous supports of friends who believe in what we are doing and taking on crazy extra workload of jobs on top of a part-time curacy, full time PhD and a family of 3 very lively boys. Of course our Father has a plan for what is next. 

However, the email in October from the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology came as a surprise. Apparently Pete had sent them his CV in August a long with other places. EGST liked his CV and are in need of an Old Testament lecturer. Fortunately Pete remembered to tell me about that email because the next day he had an email saying they would let him know when he would be teaching from September 2018!! We replied in horror, suggesting they were a lot further along the thought process than us!

However we did feel we should at least investigate the possibility. Various conversations have happened with people in the last couple of months that have led us to believe this might be where the Lord would have us serve him next. 

And so we come to the thing I never thought I would find myself saying… On Friday Pete and I will fly to Addis Ababa for 5 days to help us discern if this is the right move to make.

Of course, anothe thing I never thought I’d do is write a blog!

I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures this year. Who knows where we will be this time next year.