Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST).

We finally made it over to EGST today, the whole reason we are investigating moving our whole family here.

The church in Ethiopia is growing rapidly, but there are not enough places to train church leaders and especially to train people who could then go on to train others.

Interestingly EGST was partly founded by a gentleman who came from the church I grew up in. Dr Peter Cotteral was the Principal of London Bible College (now LST).

We had a great time looking round and meeting the staff and faculty. On a Tuesday they all eat lunch together. Today was special as the former Dean was there Dr Debella Birri . It was wonderful to see the love everyone has for him, but also his joy in the Lord at the way EGST continues to grow and thrive.

They have a library which they are keen to develop and have someone work in who could help with communications internationally. They were excited to hear I had some experience working in the library at Tyndale House.

Currently the only Old Testament faculty member is also the principal and so he is very keen to get someone on board who could teach old testament / Hebrews and also supervise old testament students as they set up a PhD programme jointly with a university in Holland. This will be the study area for PhD students.

We were shown round by Teodros and Afework.

The view from the top of the 7 storey building is amazing.

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