Where might we live…

There are a few possible options for where we might live. We could rent an apartment or villa somewhere near to EGST. This would be a good plan in the long run for getting to know Ethiopians and the culture. However, initially while in language school for the first year we would most likely live on the SIM press compound with 13 other families. Here there would be safe places for the kids to play outside as we get used to things, internet would be far more reliable and lifts could be shared to school.

It is expected that westerners and any Ethiopians who can afford to employ a home help. This is because things here take much longer. Any fruit and veg needs to be bleached before it is prepared etc. They can also help with child care while I am in language school.

Here is the Ethiopian meal prepared for us yesterday by an Ethiopian home help on the SIM compound.

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