Feet on the ground…

It has been a crazy 60 hours.

Mercifully our first day here was dry and sunny, so the boys were able to play outside a bit while we organised furniture. There has been crazy, heavy rain since.

I managed to navigate the supermarket with help, I think I have tipped the right people at the right time.

We are getting to know our night guard and are managing just about to communicate with him. He has popped out to get us bread, Bananas and phone top ups.

It is a steep learning curve, but we are surviving and will update more once we have proper internet access.

2 Replies to “Feet on the ground…”

  1. So glad you’ve arrived safely, and are making a new home for yourselves. It is most certainly a steep learning curve, isn’t it? In Kenya, I think I expected to know a lot in a short space of time; with hindsight, it all took a lot longer – like several months – to feel comfortable and settled.

    God bless

    with love

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