And we’re off…

We’ve done it, by the skin of our teeth!

We have reduced our life to 290kg, we think we have told all the official bodies that need to know and we have left piles of stuff in boxes in a friends Cambridgeshire barn and at my parents to sort when we come home for. We have run out of time, but it is ok.

Apart from my parents at the airport we have said the last goodbyes.

We are so thankful for the cheering on, support and prayers this last 17 months. Hard to believe we are finally going. But we are and we are glad to finally be leaving limbo land.

There were many tears saying goodbye to my 93 year old Grandad this morning. He reminded us though of the wonderful way the Lord brought him and my Grandmother to Christ and has kept us all this far.

So here goes…we will blog when we arrive. Do keep reading over the next week’s, months and years. I’m sure we will have some adventures to tell.

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  1. Well done all of you! Will be praying over your next few days, and hope traveling went OK. Masses of love to you all xxxxx

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