On the brink…

I’ve just been reading my last post. I wrote it on the 31st December 2018. God has indeed held our hand tight these last month’s.

It has been a painful, rocky road uphill. We have been sleepless and speechless at times. We have been confused and cried out. We have been loved and looked after.

For various reasons things have paned out differently than we were expecting these last few months. To start with, I didn’t know what to blog. Then we just got so busy, that when I sat down to do anything that involved my brain it froze and fell asleep!

We had thought we were moving to Addis Ababa last August, then January and definitely March. But here we are still in Cambridge in July 2019. To be honest I wasn’t sure quite what to write during a rough few months on the road. I will give you a laugh though. One blog post I have composed in my head a number of times while in the Aldi checkout line… “Deflated by loo roll!” I’ve generally done a good job of keeping my spirits up and can definitely testify that God has held us tight these last month’s. However, it has been depressing whenever I have had to restock at the supermarket on bulk items. For some reason this has been particularly the case with loo roll (toilet tissue for non Brits). I was therefore very grateful on our last trip to Pete’s Grandma in Colwyn Bay to find she had reverted to her old ways. For the first few years we were married she would always send us on our way with random household items she found useful or was intrigued by in a catalogue. And there was always a large pack of loo roll. So, when I was getting to the point of needing to restock in May it was a great relief to find her rummaging in a cupboard as we prepared to leave and bringing out the loo roll. Even more exciting… These last few weeks instead of Aldi loo roll we’ve been an Andrex quilted house!

But, I digress. Here we are on the brink of our new world … Here follows a summary and in these crazy next week’s I will try to keep up with these blogs.

We are now headed to Addis with Wycliffe Bible translators, who will second us to SIL Ethiopia who will second Pete to the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology (EGST).

Flights are booked for August 14th, a wonderful lady we are yet to meet in Addis has found us a house, paper work is in hand and we are running round, only stopping to sit and chat with people as the emotional goodbyes pile up.

The following photos are a pictorial summary of life right now. Mainly surrounded by piles of stuff to sort into sell or give away (95% of our possessions), store (hardly anything) or pack into our 10 large check-in bags and 5 small carryons. However, there have been lighter, yet really sad moments. We have had our last trip to Pete’s family and enjoyed time rock climbing for Grumpys birthday. We have had a wonderful few days with Levi Booth here on home assignment from Japan. Read his book ‘Ultimate Grace’ if you want a good, but quick read on what took him to Japan and how he ended up on the Japan national Ultimate Frisbee team for Jesus!! For S, this has been the hardest goodbye so far. Saying goodbye to Levi was as gut wrenching as it was 5 years ago when we first waved him off for 4 years in Japan. I am so grateful (God-willing) we will get to come back to the UK more frequently than the 4 years Big Levi does.

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