The gate of the year…

It is a fact, that at the start of every new year we have no idea what it will bring. However, as ‘We The Myers’ look forward into 2019 the quote above from Minnie Louise Haskins seems so appropriate.

As far as we can discern, it is the Lords will that Team Myers will move to Addis Ababa Ethiopia soon. We had originally thought that would be August 2018, then the beginning of January 2019. Currently we don’t know when the move will be. For now, what we know is we have about 75% of the pledges we need from individuals in place and the process of getting Pete a work permit has started. About half our furniture has left the house and the rest of it has been claimed. People have done a great job of giving us packable Christmas presents or experiences and the boys have enjoyed lots of quality cousin time this last week.

2018 has been a challenging year with some deep valleys and some great highs as we have seen the Lords calling to serve him in Ethiopia confirmed by SIM mission agency. As every year we can look back and see how He has held us tight.

Many people have said to us we are so brave to make this move. Well yes, it is terrifying! However, we are held in the loving hands of the Almighty Creator God who designed all things and yet humbled himself to come to earth as a man. He knows each member of Team Myers better than we know ourselves and better than we know each other. So whatever happens, we are on a steady path because God has our hand.

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