Starting to say the big goodbyes.

The summer holidays were filled with many goodbyes as we travelled the country to see friends from Oak Hill College who had been so significant in our life while Pete was training for ministry. The next few weeks will be filled with similar Cambridge goodbyes and visits with god-parents and our god-children.

However, as end this October half term we have said our first truely tear-filled goodbyes. Visiting Colwyn Bay to visit Pete’s grandparents has been such a wonderful place for family time and relaxation over the years. We love crabbing and ice creams at Fortes in Rhos on Sea and exploring the depths of the Fairy Glen between Great Grandma and Taid Mawrs house. We took films of our favourite places, took keep sakes from the beach, snuck in an extra trip to Fortes for Great grandma treats. It was a time of many fun memories despite a ‘proper poorly’ toddler with a fever and a Thesis still being worked on as we drove the width of the UK.

Realistically though, Great Grandma (Pete’s paternal Grandma) and Taid Mawr (Pete’s maternal Grandad) may not be capable of us visiting in the same way when we return in 2020.

It is hard for us to say goodbye, it is hard for all those family who will not see the kids grow as much. Man, the tears are flowing! But we go confident we are following where God is calling our family to serve him next.

The count down begins! 10 weeks and we will be in Addis.

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