It’s getting real!

These last few weeks have seen the usual boys off school, summer holiday craziness. We been as a family to help at a Christian summer camp for teenagers, we’ve had funs with friends in woods and parks, we’ve hunted for and painted ‘Haslingfield Rocks’ painted by the kids of our village and hidden some for other to find. We’ve had our annual trip to Kew gardens with Grandma and Grandpa. And of course there has been quite a lot squabbling and complaining about how much homework has been set. Just now we are finishing the holidays in North Wales with Pete’s grandparents. The boys have played for hours as a team (!) building trenches on the beach and eating with Great Grandma at our beloved ‘White Tiger’ aka The White Lion Inn at Llanelian.

However amongst normality, this whole moving to Ethiopia thing is becoming much more real. We have been accepted as members of SIM mission agency, had our first round of inoculations and 2 days ago the first 60kg of our stuff (well Pete’s books) made its way to Addis with a friend from church!

No turning back now. Please pray we’d cast all our anxieties on Him who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine, knowing that ultimately our home is no-where here on earth!

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  1. Dear Pete Myer.
    As I read your announcement about the reality of going as missionaries to Addis Ababa, I understood a truth in the lives of the servants of Godç we have no fixed abode, our city is in the heavens. God will give you peace in the midst of any difficulty. I commit myself before God and of you to support your ministry in prayer. My church in Cuba and my family will pray for you and your family. God bless you. Pastor Onel

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