How to live abroad training.

Guest post by Jos.

We went to Wetheringsett Manor. There were lots of children’s activities to do while the grown ups learnt stuff.

We learnt about lots of countries in Africa where SIM work. Here are photos of some.

We trained to be God’s agents in our new countries. We were set missions to do in coffee breaks to find out about the SIM home office staff.

We made a den.

Climbed trees.

We also went over the wobbly bridge to help us understand how we might feel when we first go to Ethiopia and that it is OK to ask for help. Our bears tried too! I want to put a video of me on the bridge, but it won’t upload. Mum says she will try to put it in next post.

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  1. Great job Jos. I bet it’s a mixture of exciting but also a bit daunting. Once you’ve got past the “wobbly plank” stage you’ll be on an incredible and unforgettable adventure.

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