The weather here has been so changeable the last few weeks. It has been hard to believe what the weather forecastors say will arrive the next day. Last Friday it was 13c, warm and sunny in our garden.

The next morning we woke to snow and biting ‘Beast from the East’ winds. With the wind chill it felt like – 6.

It is so odd to think that if we do end up in Ethiopia, these extremes will no longer be a daily conversation starter!

Our plan (if we get accepted by SIM) had been to move out in August for the start of the new academic year. However, we have heard from SIM Ethiopia they are unable to accept any new long term team members before January due to staffing issues.

All in all, I think this is a good thing. Wonderful God ordained timing. We will get to enjoy time regrouping as a family post PhD, enjoy all of us going on the river at the bottom of the garden over summer without me thinking I should be sorting things at home. Those things can wait to a degree until the boys start school again in September. Best of all we get to experience a few more seasons.

Tonight we have the next step along our selection path. A 2.5 hour personal history review interview!

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